Our services

PCB Design & Development

We work according to your demands during the creation of PCB design.

We respect your know-how, agreed term and budget.

Do you need professional and fast assistance with PCB design and layout? We are even able to complete your current developers team and thereby fasten your whole development process.

We design PCBs in Altium Designer. Entrust your PCB design to us without worries! 

Our customers commonly need:

PCB design up to 8-layers

Differential pairs and high speed
buses routing

Special footprints usage (e.g. BGA)

Rigid-flex and semi-flex PCB design

Complete schematic and layout design

Redrawing schematics from paper or from
different software

Layout design based on schematics in Altium

Redesign due to obsolete/non available
components or for product innovation

Segments of old paper can be used
for new PCB design in Altium Designer

PCB layout design based
on your schematic

We will redesign your PCB

You will appreciate:

Our flexibility and ability to help your current developers team

Precise project management

We can increase our capacities for your projectanytime you need. We will help you to meet the deadlines!
We will increase development effectivity by decreasing downtime from waiting
for PCB design.
We will share our know-how gained during our projects in USA, EU and Switzerland.
We design functional solution which will prevent you from frequent issues.
We measure our colleagues work effectivity for several years minute by minute. We use the CAFLOU® application to manage the effectiveness of projects, tasks and ToDos.
We are able to estimate the time scale of the project and then effectively manage time, costs and resources.
We are prepared for changes in the assignment and we respond to them
during the development.
We work as a team, roles of supplier/subscriber go aside.
We respect your know-how.

What else you will surely appreciate about our cooperation? 


We rely on finishing the projects under the agreed conditions. We combine technical know-how and commercial aspects.


We are easy to reach, we regularly communicate and you will have a current overview of the project.


We are able to save time and costs due to efficient project management. We use tools such as Caflou and Altium Designer to make it possible.


We are able to adapt to your needs. We will become your development department or we will help your current developers team.


We are able to promptly respond to your requests. We can flexibly help your current developers team and thereby decrease your fix costs..

Let’s consult your project!

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