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The device controls airsoft gun shooting parameters and enables its setting
through smartphone application. Controlled parameters are e.g. cadence,
burst length, spring pretensioning etc. The smartphone application enables
statistics tracking and evaluating.


  • STM32

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Remote firmware update via Bootloader

  • Smartphone application for parameters setting and
    creating statistics

  • Firmware update by user via mobile app

  • Optical sensors calibration via mobile app

  • Statistics monitoring (battery voltage, temperature and el. current on mosfet,
    shooting speed, etc.)

  • App for Android, iOS and Apple Watch

  • All Leviathan series models (Evo3, V2, NGRS, V3...) can be maintained in one app

  • Production app and Developer's app with individual server for each to separate
    user's and developer's interface

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