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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine: Impact on the global semiconductor market

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is affecting the global semiconductor market, adding pressure to an industry already affected by the pandemic and growing demand for electronics. Supply chains are disrupted and uncertainty over semiconductor availability has the potential to negatively impact market stability.

US Presidential Election 2024

US Presidential Election 2024

In 2024, geopolitical factors, including the US presidential election, are shaping the electronics market. Political instability and trade conflicts create both risks and opportunities for the industry. The decision of the new president may significantly affect trade policy and thus the electronics market.

Outlook for the electronics market in 2024

Outlook for the electronics market in 2024

In 2024, geopolitical factors play a key role in the dynamics of the electronics market, with political instability, trade conflicts and changes in the regulatory environment creating both risks and new opportunities for industry players.

Innovative microfarm

Chip laws in the USA and EU

Chip shortages in recent years have revealed a heavy reliance on this technology. The US and EU have responded with legislation to encourage domestic chip production and reduce dependence on Asian suppliers. The US and EU CHIPS Acts aim to strengthen technological self-sufficiency and competitiveness.

the White House

The White House Calls for a Fundamental Change in the World of Programming

The White House, in collaboration with leading cybersecurity experts, is urging the development community to take the bold step of abandoning traditional C and C++ programming languages for more modern and secure alternatives like Rust

AI in design tools

AI in design tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally transforming the field of semiconductor and electronics design. The paper analyses in detail how AI is changing the sector and becoming an indispensable tool for engineers and designers. From healthcare to manufacturing, this technological innovation is impacting a wide range of industries.

The evolution of printed circuit boards

The evolution of printed circuit boards: driving innovation in electronics

Over the past decade, PCB technology has undergone dramatic developments that have made them the heart of modern electronics. This article explores key milestones in the history of PCB manufacturing, reveals how they work, and shows how they have impacted various industries.


Eco-technologies: overview of trends 2023 and outlook for 2024

The year 2023 brought breakthroughs in renewable energy, emission reduction and the development of eco-friendly gadgets. For 2024, the trend towards carbon capture is expected to strengthen, reflecting the increased priority given to combating climate change.

Technology innovations

Technology innovations in e-mobility 2023 and outlook for 2024

In e-mobility, 2023 brought innovations in charging infrastructure, IoT for battery management and the rise of micromobility. For 2024, Chinese EV expansion in Europe, growth in the US used EV market and innovation from Tesla are expected.

AI and IoT in 2023

AI and IoT in 2023: Disruptive innovations and the outlook to 2024

The year 2023 brought major innovations in the areas of AI and IoT, including the development of edge computing, blockchain for IoT security, and ultra-thin smart shipping labels. Further growth and integration of these technologies is expected for 2024, including the widespread adoption of 5G and innovations in chips for IoT devices.

IoT in 2024

IoT in 2024: Transforming industries and everyday life

In 2024, the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues, revolutionising the way sensors, devices and machines are connected in our everyday lives. IoT, combined with artificial intelligence, is transforming a range of industries, from healthcare to retail, and changing our daily lives in incredible ways.

Quantum Breakthroughs

2023: The Year of Quantum Breakthroughs

In 2023, there have been significant advances in quantum computing and the production of quantum chips, speeding up their integration into industrial processes. However, challenges such as keeping qubits coherent and data privacy issues remain.

chip shortage

Chip shortage: causes, impacts and future outlook

The global chip shortage during the covid-19 pandemic significantly affected the semiconductor industry, while increased demand for electronics due to work-from-home and entertainment needs led to rapid growth in demand for semiconductors.



Analyst firm Gartner recently published its annual report charting the top ten strategic technology trends for the next three years. These technology trends are expected to have a significant impact on companies' digital transformations and IT leaders' decision-making.

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