We are a development partner for electronics, embedded software and applications

We are a Czech company with innovative thinking. We connect worlds of software and electronics. We manage projects to create high added value and to give our customers an edge over the competition. We like to approach our work systematically and we are convinced that order and correct system create half of success.

Our customers are both bigger and smaller companies.

Most of our customers do expect long term cooperation in development of electronic devices or software development. Some of our customers use only partial services such as PCB design or embedded software and apps development. We also provide electronics production for our partners.

We are convinced that mutual communication is the right basis for successful partnerships. That’s why we focus on proper communication between our team and customers.

Are you seeking a partner, who will help you with electronics, embedded software and related apps development?

We will help you to find a solution. We are passionate about our work.

We form a team with our customers. Together, we develop successful, functional and earning devices and products.

We have been gaining professional knowledge and deep understanding in both technical fields, and in business models during our years of praxis.

We have established a number of partnerships with our customers over the years, which continuously makes our technical skills and understanding of customers needs deeper.

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