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Device for wastewater analysis

Kofatec GmbH is a Swiss company which focuses on scientific research and development of unique products which do not exist on the market yet. They develop innovative products and test them in real conditions and then they put them on the market.  Kofatec corporation belongs to the top in the field on the market and is synonymous with highly specialized applications according to the newest scientific knowledge.

Prof. Adrian Koller, CEO of the Kofatec GmbH has addressed us with a request to cooperate in electronics and embedded software development of specialized product for wastewater analysis. 

He addressed us when only an ambitious product vision existed, but there is still a long way leading from a vision to a real product. 

First we held a workshop together to understand the product vision in detail including its application, characteristics and features. We were discussing potential ways for device design, which technologies to use and then how to manufacture it. 

We have designed and manufactured prototypes which we designed in Altium Designer after a few months of cooperation. We have been cooperating on embedded software for hardware basic function controlling(HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer) at the same time.

The first prototype version testing was successful and it has brought knowledge and requests which we have implemented to the second version of a device. 

We have expanded the cooperation by degrees to include other products of various sizes and peripherals for device controlling and charging. Device is being developed for mass production in thousands of pieces with a certification for explosive environment zones (ATEX).

We have been cooperating for years with Kofatec company. We communicate on weekly basis. We are working on continuous improvement of the device, for example implementation of a bootloader for remote firmware update via Bluetooth Low Energy or implementation of effective methods of data collection. 

NOTE: Due to NDA we cannot provide more technical details.

Device for wastewater analysis
Device for wastewater analysis

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