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Automation permeates across industries and is a key success factor for 21st century companies. Whether it is the automation of production, buildings or measurement and control processes, companies are looking for ways to effectively use technology to their advantage. But this also brings the need for quality suppliers able to understand the specific needs of the industry and propose appropriate solutions. ASN Plus has extensive experience in this field and thanks to a wide range of experts it can cover a whole range of automation projects across industries.

Our automation services include:

  • Design and implementation of automated measurement and control systems

  • Control system development and building technology visualization for building automation

  • Comprehensive solutions for industrial production automation

We have a team of experienced professionals covering areas of HW design, firmware, embedded systems, communication protocols and system development. Most of our developers have expert knowledge in automation. This allows us to deliver turnkey projects from design through implementation to commissioning. We can also advise you on designing the optimal automation architecture solution for your specific needs.


Options for collaboration in automation

Over the course of our activities, we have gained extensive experience in solving automation project assignments and we can apply our know-how for example in projects like:

Building automation

  • Comprehensive monitoring and control of building equipment

  • Visualization of building technological processes

  • Energy consumption measurement and optimization systems

  • Video and audio data transfer

Measurement and control automation

  • Design of a distributed system of measurement and control of physical and electrical quantities

  • Software processing and data analysis

  • Visualization of measured data

Production automation

  • Development of special electronics

  • Machine and production line communication

  • Online collection of operational and production data for predictive maintenance

We use a variety of communication standards and buses such as RS485/RS232/RS422, Modbus ASCII/RTU/TCP, Profibus or Ethernet. We are able to design the optimal combination for a specific application.

Examples of projects from the field of automation

MP Elektronik

Chamber control unit with mini PC

MP Elektronik corporation is a provider of complex services for the electrotechnical industry. We have collaborated on the software development and hardware development for the MP Dry Cabinet control unit, which are being sold all over the world. MP Dry Cabinet  is an air-conditioned chamber which keeps constant climate conditions for electronic components storage.

chamber control unit

Why choose ASN Plus?

Our main added value is the complexity of services provided, industry experience and individual approach to each project. We are not just hardware developers or programmers, but a real partner able to deliver automation solutions from requirement analysis to final on-site integration.

Other benefits of working with ASN Plus include:

  • Cost savings on internal automation departments

  • Faster solution deployment through our experience

  • Access to state-of-the-art technologies

  • Post-delivery support

  • You can thus fully concentrate on your business and leave the development of projects to us

We are ready to become your strategic partner in this area. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions where we could be of value. We will be happy to prepare a non-binding offer.

Do you have an automation project? Contact us for a non-binding consultation and price quote.

You will appreciate:

Our flexibility and ability to help your current developers team

Precise project management

We will share our know-how gained during our projects in USA, EU and Switzerland.
Our goal is to develop the functional device according to your expectations, we don't need exact assignment, idea or direction is sometimes enough. At the same time we are using standard project tracking applications as JIRA, Trello, etc.
We are prepared for changes in the assignment and we respond to them during the development.
We work as a team, roles of supplier/subscriber go aside.
We respect your know-how.
We measure our colleagues work effectivity for several years. We use the CAFLOU® application to manage the effectiveness of projects, tasks and ToDos.
We are able to estimate the time scale of the project and then effectively manage time and costs.

Clients who have given us trust

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