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Electronics and apps for airsoft

JeffTron company is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of smart electronics for airsoft guns. Company’s flagship is a control unit for airsoft guns called Leviathan. In August 2018, Jefftron was looking for a long term partner for embedded software development and they addressed us. We have developed the first embedded software commercial version for their control units including bootloader.

Thanks to our efficient and close cooperation just like it was internal development, we have managed to develop first commercial version in time. Jefftron was able to present it at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2019 in Nuremberg.

We continue to cooperate on embedded software extensions according to the company Jefftron’s customers requests. Leviathan devices are being continuously upgraded via remote update feature and thus Jefftron is still keeping an edge over the competition.  

We cooperate on the new hardware versions and product development and we help Jefftron with a serial production.

We have agreed to take over mobile app development, which communicates with Leviathan control unit via  Bluetooth Low Energy. Solution analysis and evaluation of possible approaches followed. Finally we have decided to create whole brand new app. The main reason was that previous app was natively programmed and it would need complete factorisation.  We have chosen multiplatforms framework Flutter for app creation. Its main advantage is that if an app for both Android and iOS is created, there is no need to create and maintain two source codes separately. It thereby enables faster and cheaper development. If you are interested in more information about differences between native and multiplatform development, you can read our article about this topic.

We have developed apps for Apple Watch and Wear OS as well.

We developed hardware, firmware, mobile and watch apps for Leviathan


  • STM32 ARM® Cortex®-M

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Embedded software for four Leviathan models (V2 Optical, V3, EVO3 and NGRS)

  • Mobile App Leviathan (Android and iOS) for gun parameters setting and embedded software update via bootloader

  • App for identification of defective pieces during manufacturing

  • Leviathan app for smart watches

Company Jefftron currently sells four models of Leviathan line, of which were sold tens thousand pieces all over the world.  We have been communicating on a weekly basis over the years with JeffTron. We continuously invent and implement improvements for hardware, embedded software and for all types of apps mentioned above.

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