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Robotic optic cable laying

Company Za200 is an internet provider for Ostrava and surroundings. This company is also engaged in development of technologies for installing the optic cables in severs. It has received a patent for this technology. Thanks to it, it is possible to install optic cables by robot without the need of excavation works

Za200 wanted to present its web interface controlled robot at a fair. That’s why they have addressed us with a request for finishing the whole project. We have received an unfinished project to ASN, which we had to analyze and then to add missing functions for both, web interface and to the robot itself. Altogether it was an extensive project which we divided into several parts. 

First part was the finishing of embedded software which controls robot peripherals. Second part was the implementation of an API created in Python which mediates communication between embedded software and web interface. In the third part, we updated and extended the web application created in the Angular framework. It was necessary to implement robot peripherals control systems such as gyroscopes, encoders, servos, LED etc. 

One of the other significant functions is a camera stream consisting of several cameras placed on the robot. This stream had to achieve low latency and high image quality, because the streams are used for robot controlling in real time. It was thus necessary to develop and implement a new solution for video server.

When the fair finished, we provided advices for final hardware testing before serial production to company Za200. Now mass production will follow and once it is finished, we will consult further improvements mainly in software.

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