Cooperation process with ASN Plus

We are a development partner for electronics, embedded software and applications

The entire process is divided into several key stages to ensure that the final product fully meets your requirements and expectations. We work with companies that have their own development process in sub-areas of the entire process, such as architecture consultation, PCB layout design or firmware development.

Cooperation process with ASN Plus

1. Establish cooperation

At the beginning of our cooperation, we will discuss your ideas and your project, both technically and business-wise. We will delve into your project and specify the assignment together. Then we will review it and prepare for you both an estimation of the implementation time and deadlines for the partial development phases. During the analysis, we will also provide a new perspective on the entire project and, thanks to our inventive approach, relevant ideas for improving and optimizing the final product.

2. Functional sample development

Next, we will start with the actual development. We pay a lot of attention to mutual communication, so we communicate on a weekly basis or by arrangement.

  1. PCB schematic design
    1.1. Embedded software development
    1.2. App or software development (if needed)

  2. PCB layout design
    2.1. Continuing embedded software development
    2.2. Continuing app or software development (if needed)

  3. First samples production and assembly
    3.1. Continuing embedded software development
    3.2. Continuing app or software development (if needed)

  4. Reviving, testing and debugging first samples

  5. Redesign according to requirements identified during testing

  6. Functional samples production

3. The path to series production

  1. Functional sample testing at the client's site 

  2. Testing in laboratories 

  3. Prototype production 

  4. Pre-series production 

  5. Certification

If necessary, redesign according to the identified requirements.

4. Series production

We can take care of the series production of your equipment, where we are dedicated to a high quality and efficient manufacturing process. We have several manufacturing partners and can select the best one depending on the requirements of your project.

5. Support

We are ready to take care of the life cycle of your product.

  • Innovation in case you want to improve your product

  • Updates - remote firmware updates, etc.

  • Production engineering support

With our comprehensive and systematic approach, we are able to develop and manufacture products for you that meet your exact needs while offering high value and quality.

Why choose us?

Established in 2014

Established in 2014

15 team members

15 team members

Our experts have 12+ years of experience

Our experts have 12+ years of experience

3-5 new partnerships every year

3-5 new partnerships every year

50,000+ devices on all continents (USA, Australia, Japan, Europe)

50,000+ devices on all continents (USA, Australia, Japan, Europe)

International cooperation (CZ, NL, CH, USA, DE, FR)

International cooperation (CZ, NL, CH, USA, DE, FR)

Forms of cooperation

Do you have a specific assignment or a project that does not require intensive collaboration? We will develop a bespoke product for you.

Do you have a concept and need to actively collaborate on the project? We will be happy to help! Together, we will create an agile team. We will communicate with each other on a weekly basis, but if necessary, we can be in contact every day.

Do you need bodyshopping for one of your technologies? We will agree on the terms individually.

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