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Electronics for security, safety and protection

In today's world, security and protection are a very important part of the lives of individuals and companies. With rising crime and new threats, security systems need to be constantly improved to counter increasingly sophisticated attacks. It is in this area that ASN Plus offers top solutions based on both proven technologies and the latest innovations.

ASN Plus has been active in the electronics and security systems market for over 10 years. It has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing gas detectors, electronic access control systems, anti-theft security and developing smart locks. Thanks to a hybrid approach combining the use of proven principles while implementing modern technologies, ASN Plus can provide custom security solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

Comprehensive portfolio of security solutions

The ASN Plus portfolio covers the full range of security systems from gas leak detection to access control to theft protection. The main areas include:

  • Gas leak detectors - ASN Plus collaborated on the development of gas detectors based on the latest sensors. They can reliably detect leaks of natural gas, propane-butane, methane or carbon monoxide. They can be connected to a central system.

  • Electronic access control systems - for companies and households we collaborated on the development of comprehensive solutions for access control of persons. From card and fingerprint readers to turnstiles and barriers. Everything can be connected and managed centrally.

  • Smart locking systems - we cooperate on the solution of smart locks with the ability to remotely manage via a mobile app. The user thus has a constant overview of the lock status and can allow access to other people.

  • Theft protection - we can design modern anti-theft systems based on RFID chips or sensors for shops and warehouses. We can design solutions tailored to the specific type of goods.

We can connect all these devices to a central system that provides a comprehensive overview of the status of the entire security system. Data can be backed up or transferred to the cloud for remote surveillance.

Individual approach for maximum security

At ASN Plus we realize that each customer has specific security requirements. That's why we approach each one completely individually.

First, we discuss your specific needs together, help with risk analysis, and propose the ideal combination of security features. We can choose such a level of security that exactly meets your needs.

Why choose ASN Plus?

ASN Plus is the ideal partner for companies who want to be sure that their product, property or data are secure.

Our added value lies primarily in:

  • Comprehensive portfolio - we cover the entire range of security systems

  • Openness and flexibility - we are not a supplier, but a partner

  • Individual approach - we design solutions tailored precisely to the customer's needs

  • Development and production - we will help you with development, production and provide support after the product is launched on the market

  • Experience - we have been active in the market for over 10 years

We are ready to discuss your specific requirements and jointly propose the optimal combination of security measures. Take advantage of our experts' experience and gain confidence that your products, data or property are secure.

Are you interested in custom security solution design? Contact us and arrange a non-binding meeting.

You will appreciate:

Our flexibility and ability to help your current developers team

Precise project management

We will share our know-how gained during our projects in USA, EU and Switzerland.
Our goal is to develop the functional device according to your expectations, we don't need exact assignment, idea or direction is sometimes enough. At the same time we are using standard project tracking applications as JIRA, Trello, etc.
We are prepared for changes in the assignment and we respond to them during the development.
We work as a team, roles of supplier/subscriber go aside.
We respect your know-how.
We measure our colleagues work effectivity for several years. We use the CAFLOU® application to manage the effectiveness of projects, tasks and ToDos.
We are able to estimate the time scale of the project and then effectively manage time and costs.

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