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Chamber control unit

MP Elektronik corporation is a provider of complex services for the electrotechnical industry on the Czechoslovak market since 1990.  It produces MP Dry Cabinet devices, which are being sold all over the world. MP Dry Cabinet is an air-conditioned chamber which keeps constant climate conditions for electronic components storage.

MP Elektronik was seeking for a development partner to help them with control unit hardware design and control software development. They addressed our company ASN+ with these requests.  We agreed about the cooperation and we started to create a specification. The cooperation goal was total innovation of the device which should provide an edge over the competition to MP Elektronik.

Control unit is based on compute module 4 and embedded Linux. It controls individual chamber peripherals, such as the drying unit. We have also implemented a number of types of communication such as Modbus RTU, USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

We developed a desktop app, which differentiates user permissions and supports several verification types such as PIN, RFID, or fingerprint. Last, but not least it was important to implement an option of detailed event logging to a local or remote directory to be able for chamber access tracking. The app thus contains an option of remote unlocking additional extra paid features. 

The communication with the chamber is covered by a web app which we have developed as well. It enables the monitoring of climate conditions remotely with a feature to export measured data.

We continue to cooperate with corporation MP Elektronik on features extensions based on customers needs. We are planning a whole platform extension with a mobile app.

We developed dry cabinet unit with desktop application


  • Broadcom BCM2711 quad-core Cortex-A72

  • RS-485, Modbus RTU, Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi
  • HDMI, touch control display
  • RTC, PT100, Digital I/O
  • Outputs - Relay, Low-side switch
  • RFID or fingerprint for authorisation
  • Embedded Linux
  • eMMC
  • Backup data on USB and to shared folder on local network
  • RSA digital signature for remote features unlocking
  • Cabinets monitoring from PC via web app

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