Means of transport

Electronics in Transport - Safety, Durability and Reliability

Means of transport have undergone significant transformations in recent years. More and more modern electronic systems are being integrated into them, increasing safety, comfort and overall user experience. Whether personal cars, public transport, freight vehicles or special vehicles, quality and reliable electronics are the basis.

Electronics for transport must meet strict requirements

Electronic systems in vehicles are exposed to specific conditions. They must function flawlessly over a wide temperature range, withstand shocks and vibrations, and operate absolutely reliably. Even the slightest failure can have fatal consequences.

At ASN Plus we are fully aware of these demands. Therefore, we build our solutions with an emphasis on:

  • Resistance to external influences (temperature, humidity, mechanical stress)

  • System safety (redundancy, predictive maintenance)

  • Maximum reliability and service life

When designing, we use rugged industrial grade components and design robust electronic structures. We test functionality under extreme conditions. Firmware development ensures safe operation even in the event of outages and malfunctions.

Our know-how

Although ASN Plus operates across industries, it has extensive experience directly in the field of vehicles and transport. Reference projects include:

Development of a door control unit for public transport vehicles

The unit enables smooth opening and closing of doors, obstacle detection and force adjustment. It increases passenger safety and comfort.

Development of a door control unit

Design of a road weather station

Together with Medipo, we have developed a new generation of stations for measuring and transmitting weather data. The data helps optimize road maintenance.

Design of a road weather station

Thanks to these projects, ASN Plus has the know-how to develop robust and reliable electronics for the demanding conditions of transport. Whether extreme temperatures, vibrations, humidity or dust, we know how to design solutions that meet the specific environment requirements.

Comprehensive services for transport manufacturers

Our expertise covers the full range of electronic systems used in transport:

  • Sensors and measurement systems

  • Control units

  • Communication interfaces (WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT)

  • Autonomous systems

  • Display units and screens

  • Electronics for charging electric vehicles

  • Predictive maintenance

We provide comprehensive services from design to manufacturing and implementation. We are able to deliver turnkey electronics or participate in partial development according to your needs.

Thanks to the wide range of services, we are able to cover both partial project parts and provide complete turnkey solutions. Whether you need to innovate existing systems or develop completely new products, we provide you with expert backing.

Benefits of cooperation

Cooperation with ASN Plus brings many benefits:

  • Cost savings - outsourcing electronic development saves your own team costs

  • Shortened time-to-market - take advantage of our experience for faster product launch

  • Access to expert know-how - use industry knowledge for a competitive edge

  • Reliability - get proven and certified solutions with us

  • Flexibility - we provide customized services tailored to your needs

Call us and arrange a joint meeting. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and propose the ideal solution for success in the transport market.

Do you have a project in transport and are looking for a partner for electronics development? Contact ASN and we will discuss your requirements. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice and propose the ideal technical solution for your project.


You will appreciate:

Our flexibility and ability to help your current developers team

Precise project management

We will share our know-how gained during our projects in USA, EU and Switzerland.
Our goal is to develop the functional device according to your expectations, we don't need exact assignment, idea or direction is sometimes enough. At the same time we are using standard project tracking applications as JIRA, Trello, etc.
We are prepared for changes in the assignment and we respond to them during the development.
We work as a team, roles of supplier/subscriber go aside.
We respect your know-how.
We measure our colleagues work effectivity for several years. We use the CAFLOU® application to manage the effectiveness of projects, tasks and ToDos.
We are able to estimate the time scale of the project and then effectively manage time and costs.

Clients who have given us trust

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