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Parcel locker

3iD is a provider of comprehensive solutions from development to implementation of machineries. It produces DistriBox devices, which is a smart parcel locker for food and medicines.

3iD initially worked with one company with whom the cooperation did not work out, so they were looking for a new development partner with whom they could successfully build this on a greenfield basis in terms of the hardware design of the control unit and the corresponding software for the parcel lockers. They approached us, ASN Plus, with these requirements and we agreed to work together. 

3iD had a number of requirements for hardware development, particularly the implementation of a modular solution, as one of their advantages is customized parcel lockers. ASN Plus needed to solve the complete hardware and embedded software design, including Python software for communication between the embedded software and 3iD's application software.

The main unit for all automation, measurement and control is based on the STM32 microcontroller. The designed hardware with the correspondingly developed firmware handles the security of the service area, the measurement and regulation of the current, controls the locks of the parcel locker, regulates the cooling/heating inside the parcel locker, ensures the backlighting of the boxes or, for example, reacts to night/day lighting and also controls the communication with the industrial PC. Among other things, the operation of more than 200 locks and doors was solved in a modular solution for the entire project. On the software side, the communication between the embedded software and the industrial PC was solved in Python by ASN Plus.

We carry on cooperating with 3iD on feature extensions based on their customers' needs.

Parcel locker


  • STM32 ARM® Cortex®-M
  • RS232, OneWire
  • WS2811
  • Ds18b20, Temperature control
  • Current measurement and control
  • Operation of more than 200 locks and doors
  • Digital I/O, High-side switch
  • FW upload from PC via USB
  • Python software

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