Progress of Cooperation with ASN Plus: A Comprehensive Approach from Idea to Final Product

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ASN Plus has been active in the field of electronic development for many years, and thanks to its experienced experts and well-established procedures, it is able to guide customers through the entire process of creating an electronic device or system.

From the initial idea to mass production of the final product, ASN Plus provides a comprehensive approach that ensures the final device will meet the customer's needs and offer maximum value thanks to high-quality processing and reliability.

In this article, we would like to present in more detail the individual phases of cooperation with ASN Plus and show what the journey of an innovative project from the initial idea to the tangible product looks like:

Initial Project Phase

The first step in cooperation is always a closer introduction to you and the project itself, whether through a personal meeting or a video call. The goal is to understand customer requirements and expectations as well as possible, so that we can propose an optimal technical solution.

  • We consult the project from both a technical and a business model perspective.

  • Together we define specific requirements and goals of the project.

  • Subsequently, we analyze the project from a technical, financial, and time perspective.

Outputs from the initial phase:

  • Detailed technical specification of the project

  • Proposal of possible improvements and optimizations

  • Estimated costs of implementation

  • Project schedule with dates of partial milestones

Electronic Design Phase

Once we have a clearly defined assignment, we can proceed to the actual electronic implementation. First, we select suitable key components such as microcontrollers, sensors, modules, and others. Then we design the circuit diagram and layout of the printed circuit board.

  • Selection of microcontrollers, peripherals, connectors, etc.

  • Design of the printed circuit board schematic.

  • Design of the printed circuit including routing, signal integrityanalysis, etc.

Outputs from the electronic design phase:

  • List of key components and bill of materials

  • Wiring diagram

  • PCB design

  • 3D model

  • PCB prototypes

Firmware Development Phase

The hardware itself, however, requires control software that gives it thought and animates its functions. We develop firmware with maximum emphasis on optimization for the given platform.

  • Firmware implementation in C/C++ languages.

  • Optimization in terms of performance, memory requirements, and other parameters.

  • Adherence to safety standards and principles in development.

Outputs from the firmware development phase:

  • Firmware meeting defined requirements

  • User manual/documentation

  • Installation packages for firmware update

Application Development Phase

For maximum usability of the device, it is often necessary to create a user application, whether for a smartphone, web, or desktop. ASN Plus also has extensive experience in this area.

  • Development of applications for the most widely used platforms - iOS, Android, web applications.

  • Use of modern frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Angular, .NET Core, etc.

  • Emphasis on user-friendliness.

Outputs from the application development phase:

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android

  • Web administrative application

  • Cloud services for data storage

  • User documentation for the application

Testing and Prototype Series

After completing all the individual development phases, thorough testing of functionality and processing quality of prototypes follows. First, internal tests are conducted, followed by involving the customer.

  • Internal testing of firmware and application for functionality, performance, stability.

  • Testing on emulators and final hardware.

  • Production and assembly of prototype series of devices for testing.

  • Delivery of prototypes to the customer, collection of feedback.

Outputs from the testing phase:

  • Functional prototypes of the complete solution

  • Test report

  • Possible adjustments to firmware or application

Certification and Homologation

For some types of devices, it is necessary to obtain certification according to current standards and directives. ASN Plus is also able to provide the necessary assistance in this area.

  • Identification of required certifications and standards.

  • Conducting the necessary tests.

  • Obtaining a certificate from an accredited authority.

Outputs from the certification phase:

  • Protocols from performed tests

  • Certificates and attestations

  • Full product eligibility for market launch

Preparation for Mass Production

Once the product is fully tested and certified, we can proceed to mass production. ASN Plus also provides its services and know-how in this area.

  • Design of processes and capacities for the production of a given volume of products.

  • Production and testing of a verification series to optimize the process.

  • Ensuring the necessary production capacities.

  • Preparation of support and service for customers.

Outputs from the production preparation phase:

  • Production process plan

  • Tested process for mass production

  • Agreement on securing production capacities

Cooperation with ASN Plus

Summary of Benefits of Cooperation with ASN Plus

As is evident from the description of the individual project phases, cooperation with ASN Plus completely covers the entire cycle - from the birth of an idea to mass productionand product launch.

Main benefits of cooperation with ASN Plus:

  • Know-how in the field of electronic development, firmware, and software.

  • A comprehensive portfolio of services covering the entire cycle.

  • Individual approach precisely targeted to the needs of the project.

  • Extensive experience with various types of projects.

  • Emphasis on high quality, reliability, and safety.

  • Efficient solutions thanks to optimal process settings.

If you have an innovative idea or project in the field of electronics and are looking for a reliable partner for its realization, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of our cooperation with you.