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Elmet is a Czech company engaged in the production and development of electronics, precision mechanics, medical and laboratory technology. One of the company's projects is the development of electric golf trolleys. As part of this project, Elmet approached us to help him innovate and optimize the control unit for golf carts. Our task was also to prepare the electronics for future expansion for control using mobile devices or smart watches.

The existing PCB was based on THT technology and a 10-year-old design. A quick agreement allowed us to start working on the project immediately, so that we could meet the deadline, which was in 3 months. During this short period, it was necessary to analyze the problems that occurred, optimize the printed circuit board and write a completely new embedded software to control the propulsion.

The control unit that operates the trollez is tested in the demanding conditions of South Africa, where demands are placed on functionality at high temperatures and altitudes. Thanks to the optimization of PCB and the use of new SMD component technology, we have been able to come up with a solution that is battery-friendly and will perform all the necessary functions. We have brought the customer improvements in the form of longer battery life and longer travel of the trolley on a single charge and reduction of production costs. During the seamless collaboration, we have also improved the user control, which is so intuitive and easy to use.

We developed hardware and firmware for golf carts Dog-Leg

Before redesign

After redesign

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