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Industrial meteostation

Meteostation collects data from several probes and sensors data such
as road probe, it evaluates the data, sends it to web application and controls variable message traffic signs.


  • STM32
  • Ethernet (2 ports), USB
  • 8 serial ports with adjustable baud rate protocol and interfac (RS 232/485/422)
  • 5 four/eight-channel module for temperature voltage and conductivit analog probes
  • Battery, Battery management system - BMS
  • RTC, SD card
  • PT100, Digital I/O
  • Outputs - Relay, High-side switch
  • Capacitive galvanic peripherals separation
  • FW upload via USB
  • MQTT/JSON server communication
  • Web application for remote configuration and monitoring
  • TCP port for road probe configuration (IRS31) from PC

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