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USB charger + Qi charger

Ultra small size USB charger for chair, nightstand, panel,
public transportation, smart bench etc. installation.

A miniature charger that can be installed in environments with very limited space, the technology used allows installation without additional cooling of the USB charger. The Qi wireless charging solution is brought out separately from the main PCB design, providing the possibility of covertly mounting this charger in furniture, office equipment or other electronic equipment. The Qi charger has a very low self-consumption of up to 7.5W. It is fully functional in a temperature range of -40°C to +80°C and is therefore suitable for installations in temperature-stressed environments, such as outdoor chargers installed in benches, rest areas within urban furniture or public transport stops. ASN Plus s.r.o. also provides its customers with technological modifications of this USB+Qi charger related to the specific installation within the framework of both custom electronics development and custom electronics production.


  • USB-C Power Delivery 60 W
  • USB-A Quick charge 15W
  • Qi charger 7,5 W
We developed USB charger & Qi charger

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