PCB Assembly

We provide PCB assembly for our customers

We mediate PCB assembly on professional machines according to strict quality standards. We use both SMT and THT technologies. The inspection is carried out both by electronic and optical inspection. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) can detect PCB manufacturing defects, missing components, fit accuracy, short circuits and other defects.

Mounting printed circuit boards

  • applying paste and glue
  • SMD mounting - SMT automatic or manualy
  • soldering - reflow, hot air, wool and manually
  • optical or electrical inspection, partial or complete functional test

  • cleaning - ultrasound or hand washing

  • cutting to panels or into individual pieces

  • firmware programming and product testing

  • packaging - bubble wrap, ESD bags, boxes, etc.

Delivery times

  • prototypes 1 - 2 pcs: 1 - 5 days
  • prototypes 3 - 10 pcs: 7 - 20 days
  • large series: from 20 days

We also provide PCB production for our partners.

Our services include Electronics development and PCB design.

We mediate PCB assembly

Why choose us?

Established in 2014

15 team members

Our experts have 12+ years of experience

3-5 new partnerships every year

50,000+ devices on all continents (USA, Australia, Japan, Europe)

International cooperation (CZ, NL, CH, USA, DE, FR)

Take a look at our referential projects.


Road weather station

Corporation Medipo is a road weather station producer. These stations are used mainly for road maintenance indication. We develop new hardwareembedded software and web app for station servicing within the framework of cooperation. Weather station uses several external probes with analogue output for temperature, conductivity, voltage and current measurement.

Industrial meteostation

Other referential projects

Chamber control unit
USB charger + Qi charger
Referee recorder

You will appreciate:

Our flexibility and ability to help your current developers team

Precise project management

We will share our know-how gained during our projects in USA, EU and Switzerland.
Our goal is to develop the functional device according to your expectations, we don't need exact assignment, idea or direction is sometimes enough. At the same time we are using standard project tracking applications as JIRA, Trello, etc.
We are prepared for changes in the assignment and we respond to them during the development.
We work as a team, roles of supplier/subscriber go aside.
We respect your know-how.
We measure our colleagues work effectivity for several years. We use the CAFLOU® application to manage the effectiveness of projects, tasks and ToDos.
We are able to estimate the time scale of the project and then effectively manage time and costs.

Clients who have given us trust

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