PCB Assembly

The PCBs are assembled on professional machines in compliance with strict quality standards. We use both Sruface-mount and Through-hole technologies. The inspection is performed by both electronic and optical inspection. Automatic optical inspection (AOI) can detect defects in the production of the printed circuit board, missing components, mounting accuracy, short circuits and other defects.

Mounting printed circuit boards

  • applying paste and glue
  • SMD mounting - SMT automatic or manual mounting
  • soldering - reflow, hot air, wool and manual mounting
  • optical or electrical inspection, partial or complete functional test
  • cleaning - ultrasound or hand washing
  • division - panel or into individual pieces
  • firmware programming and product testing
  • packaging - bubble wrap, ESD bags, boxes, etc.

Delivery times

  • prototypes 1 - 2 pcs: 1 - 5 days
  • prototypes 3 - 10 pcs: 7 - 20 days
  • large series: > 20 days